Who We Are


Unioncamere Lazio takes care of and represents the general interests of the associated Chambers of Commerce of Lazio region.

Its mission is to promote the region’s growth and qualitative development in all of its economic and productive sectors, aiming towards the modernisation and globalisation of the entrepreneurial structure of the region.

A modern pattern of political-institutional collaboration has been created from the partnership between the local authorities and the Chambers of Commerce.
Unioncamere Lazio therefore supports the relations of the region’s economic and productive network with national institutions as well as with community players, supporting the region’s entrepreneurial network by promoting and enhancing the value of Lazio’s areas and productive systems, both in Italy and abroad, with the aim of participating in the development of a common strategy for the management of the regional economy.

More sepcifically, Unioncamere Lazio:

  • promotes and carries out investigations, surveys, studies and publications;
  • participates in programme agreements;
  • draws up protocols of understanding to foster economic developmente of the companies in Lazio regione;
  • participates in bodies, institutions, organisations, companies and consortia which operate within the sphere of the Chambers of Commerce’s institutional and promotional objectives, both in Italy and abroad;
  • carries out initiatives supporting the economic development and internationalisation of the region;
  • takes care of and organizes trade fair events, business missions, conferences, committees and meetings to study issues regarding regional economy both in Italy and abroad, thus collectively representing the Chambers of the region;
  • undertakes to propose, develop, coordinate and manage, as a network, the activities and services of the Chambers that concern the entire regional territory, or, in any case, those which concern an area larger than a mere provincial district;
  • contributes to spreading an economic culture, which supports the participation of Lazio’ enterprises (especially those of small and medium size) on international markets, as well as drawing foreign investments into the regional territory.


Unioncamere Lazio has firmly established its activity Plan by means of tools put into action through a slim-line and flexible structure, which guarantees operational continuity and ensures the maintenance of well-established know-how. In addition it has succeeded in reaching the objectives laid out in the annual plan and has identified functional projects for the development of the region’s Chambers.

Department of Activity:

Department I – General Affairs and Administration:

 Department II – Economics and Trade Promotion

 Department III – Institutional affairs, Semplification, Innovation, Digitalization

  • Area I   – Institutional affairs
  • Area  II – Semplification, Innovation, Digitalization services for the companies:  e-mail: info@unioncamerelazio.it

Unioncamere Lazio Office Location: Largo Arenula, 34 – 00186 ROMA


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